Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flying Skirts!

Image from FlyingSkirts

My new skirt came. Woo hoo. It's soooooo wonderful. The fabric is nice and sturdy but lightweight enough for good spinning. The one I have has a purple satin trim instead of olive, and though it may not be visible in the photo to all, there is a nice floral embroidery at the trim. I love it!

My troupe is doing our first group performance at a hafla in October. I have been belly dancing for a while but never for performance. I just like to dance. Angel is newer and hasn't performed either. Ariel has been dancing and performing for 5 years. Our routine is pretty good and set to "Beauty Beats" by Beats Antique. If I had the time to make a new choreography, I would also dance (solo) to "Caterpillar" since I love that song somethin fierce.

Anyway, just I love my belly dancing skirts because they also work for the ethnic/boho looks. I think it's pretty clear that I love mode and ethnic trends the most. The next in line is military. I am very much looking forward to the Fall. Yay yay yay.

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