Monday, August 2, 2010

Catch-up Time

Mani-pedi fun makes me so happy. This color is by O.P.I. and is called Friar, Friar, Pants on Fire. I need to buy it ASAP but I'm being responsible and not going over my weekly shopping budget. Not even by a few dollars. I'm a good girl [this year]. Woo hoo. But yeah, just a mani-pedi with matching paint. Unfortunately I won't be getting tips or deco until X is potty trained. I tried to keep getting my nails done during the first few months of his life and eventually realized it was time to temporarily let go of that part of gyaru living. Long nails and diapers don't mix for me. That's as far as I'll go with that bit of T.M.I., okay?

Oh so that purse right there is officially my new favorite accessory. No joke. I usually keep a hard case snappy wallet thingy in my purse, but you can't fit a wad of cash and change for the meter in there without stressing case at the hinge side. This is the same width and length, but there is more is more depth so there's more room for money, cards, and my iPhone. Yep. I put my phone in there, too. All it needs is a wrist strap and it'd be pretty much perfect. The funny thing is that it's my cheapest wallet. I got it at Hot Topic for $7.98 on clearance. I didn't even know it was on sale. I just saw that it was the last one and snatched it up.

Speaking of wristlets, I ordered some cute work-friendly wedges and a black ruffled wristlet that should be coming soon. I have the product images for them and will post soon, but I'd almost like to wait until they get here. We'll see.

Night night!
(Not that I won't be tweeting all night like a ditz)

♥ ME


  1. Super cute wallet girl and you got it for an awesome price I may add! Gotta love the red nails <3

  2. Thanks! I love a good sale. Also, I'm officially in love with that polish. I need to get my fingernails redone and I'm trying to avoid getting a new color but it's good to shake things up. I think I'll go blue next.



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