Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lovely Blog-Sa

This is an open blog circle (much like a gyaru-sa) for western gals who... blog. Duh. You should join if you're a like-minded chica. Or chico. There have to be some gyaru-o and sentaa gai on these here intarwebz.
Click HERE if you'd like to join!

Here's some highlights from the past week:

Chaudie is getting married today! Congrats to her and her lucky guy.

Jen had a killer time Newport Beach! Everyone needs to go on holiday sometime, right?

Len is a Houston gal with a rockin layout. I love it and wish I found it first. She also has awesome taste in head gear.

Lu got a super adorable girly heart necklace from an etsy shop. 

Tini  has a way of finding some really cool shops! She also has a really cool layout.

Sharona is now a finalist in multiple categories of the Black Weblog Awards. Check her post for details, especially voting information!


  1. I'm so happy this is coming along. Please keep up the good work!

  2. @@aranza - Oh I'm so ditsy. Here is the link:
    I will edit the post as well

    @ Chaudie - Thanks! I think it's a fun idea.



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