Friday, August 27, 2010

How I Get Down

So my husband's band is playin in Delaware tonight and Xavier is at my mama's to spend the night, so I decided to stay home and read/write/game/clean/sew in peace. So far I've only done a few of those things. I was gonna go downtown for a bit but that seems like it ain't gonna happen. That's just as well because my side-back area still kinda hurts. 

Luckily I made time to do some make up! I did a purple smokey eye. I guess you could call it that. I used the Buxom Stay There eyeshadows I bought from Sephora. I got Schnauzer (purple) last week and didn't think it held up to the "Stay There" name at first. Yay for being wrong. It was my fault for improper application. I just did it like a newb. I apologize, Buxom. 

I picked up Golden Retriever and Black Lab yesterday. The colors are obvious, but I would like to note that Black Lab has tons of teeny tiny rainbow glitter dots. Golden Retriever reminds me of Urban Decay's Corrupt-- only with a little more orange to it. It's like a gold foil. Going beyond color, these eyeshadows feel great to put on. I didn't have to bother with a primer either. Also, if I were to just use my finger, the color would go on bold with little to no effort. The only annoyance is that the glitter spreads a little  if you touch your face a lot like I do. The color truly lasts and it's never creased for me. I've been wearing the Schnauzer way too much and have had no creasies. 

For the look pictured, I used the Schnauzer and Black Lab. I used my Shany large eyeshadow brush and the Sephora large eyeshadow (#25 & rounded crease (#13) brushes. Buxom has a brush specifically for these eyeshadows but I seriously don't need any more effing brushes.  My Shany & Sephora brand brushes worked just fine. I have also used just my finger with these shadows and been very pleased. As a side note, the Sephora 13 is great. I used to use my Nyx contouring dome brush with no major complaints, but the Sephora brush is clearly the winner of any debate. The price wasn't even horrible. Maybe someday I'll pick up a MAC blending brush. I like both the 217 and 222. The Sephora 13 brush I have is similar to the MAC 222 so I don't intend to get the latter any time soon. I said I don't need any brushes-- I never said anything about wanting them. ^_^

For fun, I thickly lined my eyes (top and bottom) with the Blackened Teal end of my Milani Black Magic Liner & Eye Glimmer. The eye glimmer (in this case: Teal Magic) sucks donkey bollix. Seriously. It's a mess of crumbly crap. 
To complete the look, I used MAC fluidline in Blacktrack on my top lashline, the waterproof pencil in Engraved on my waterline, and the MAC Zoom Lash in ZoomBlack on my lashes. I then used my MAC Studio Fix pressed powder (NW-45), MAC blush in Raisin, and Nyx lip lacquer pot in Caramel Fudge. I used a cheapo N.Y.C. lip liner pencil in a very warm brown shade of 952A. It's better suited for eyebrows than lips because it's too dry. It just doesn't feel good to put on the lips. Either way, I had to do something for those furry brows. They'll be waxed tomorrow!

So I hope this post makes up for my absence. I'll be back tomorrow with an outfit post.  XOX


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I love yours too....really great eye makeup:)

  2. Pretty!
    I love that eye makeup.
    And nice blog..



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