Saturday, August 7, 2010

Outfit, Make-up

I love this dress but my boobs are so big that I have too much booby showing. I'm not 18-21 years old. I'll be 27 this year. I'm gettin to be too old to show all that business! So I wear black lace bra (by Goddess) under it so that if anything shows, it's that.

Semi-off-topic: Does anyone know where I can buy some 4" wide black elastic? I can't find it at my usual spots.

You can't really see my hair, but it's in spiral curls that start just beneath my ears. I don't really love the agejou super volume hair for daily living. It's phenomenal in photographs but that's where I draw the line for my own wear.

These brows really need to be waxed but I faked it.
     Next up is my make-up. Here we have some variety. I usually use my MAC Studio Fix (powder), but this time I used my Becca Cosmetics Fine Loose Finishing Powder in Nutmeg. I love this stuff because a little goes a LONG way and it smells great. I love the company because while they are expensive (avg. $10 > MAC for example) they have quality products that seem to last a long time. Plus, they have a great range of colors from super pale gals to super dark gals (ganjiro to gonguro if you will).  I need to buy more of their lipgloss in Grenadine. It was my perfect pink. It was my first pink as well.

Before curling my hair.
Make ALWAYS comes first.
Anyway, back on topic. Here's what I used:
Concealer - MAC Select Moisture Cover in NW45
Eye Primer - Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original
Face - Becca Fine Loose Powder in Nutmeg
Cheeks - Posner Bronzer in Oasis
Contour (dark)- NARS Bronzer in Casino
Contour (hi-lite) - Nothing as usual
Eyeliner 1 - MAC Fluidline in Black Track (top) 
Eyeliner 1 - MAC Waterproof Pencil in Engraved (bottom) 
Mascara - Rimmel The Max Volume Flash 
Eyeshadow 1 - MAC in Woodwinked (lid only)
Eyeshadow 2 - MAC in Glamour Check! (crease & blended up)
Brows - MAC eyeshadow in Embark (or Showstopper)
Lipstick - MAC Funbathing 
Lipgloss- Dots Lip Plumper in Pink (which doesn't plump anything, but has a nice shimmer)


  1. Your brows look good - I woulda had no idea they needed to be waxed if you hadn't said so!

  2. I think I should check out Becca Cosmetics ;) Love the lipstick...MAC and my face/skin dont agree with each other...same w the eye liner, mascara...but i can definitely do MAC Lip products...must go to MAC tomorrow ;)

  3. @Keiko -- thanks! I still haven't gotten them done yet :-( No time!

    @Aranza - Definitely do it. I don't think Sephora carries the line anymore but if you go to you can see where it's carried and maybe there is a place near you where you can get colour tested.

  4. lol your boobs look fine. I agree with your views on the Agejo kira kira hair. A little volume is best for me.

    i'm also putting together this blog-sa and wanted to know if you would like to join? Here's the details:

  5. Thanks for wanting to join the blog sa. All you need to do is add the html in my sidebar to your sidebar. And post a link to all the recent blogs on the other members. Here's the post I did today as a guide:



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