Friday, August 20, 2010

Preview: Glamorous September 2010

First off, I'd like to credit Jam for uploading these scans. You can get the whole thing from: After skimming through, I decided to go to and check out other stuff. I will post on my deco inspiration next time. I'm definitely gonna have to start experimenting. But onto Glamorous. Here are some things I love. My notes are captioned below the photos.

I prefer these methods of using leopard
and fur as accessories rather than clothing.
I could see myself wearing these
in the office of at a nice dinner with
a freelance client... though I hate
outfit number 4. It's not for me.
I'm into the vest more than anything else
on this page, but the fur boots + tights.
I swear I wear that middle outfit every day.
Also, it's time for me to get a zebra purse. 
I NEED that red sweater-dress thingy,
but I find myself liking most of the
things on this page. Esp. the grey purse.


  1. thank you for sharing the scans ^^

  2. I agree with the leopard. Although I would love to wear it as some lounge pants/capris



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