Monday, November 29, 2010

Quickie Post

Okay guys and dolls. 
My giveaway is officially over as of 11:59pm EST Sunday 11/28.
Good luck to all who have entered. 
I will contact the winner by Tuesday night at 11:29pm EST via email. 

In other news, I want this bag. I think I'll have to get off my arse and order it. I'll be able to do that without feeling guilt because I got the job I interviewed for. The end of 2010 has been great. Wheel of Fortune, the house in Cheltenham, this job, and last but certainly not least...

My mum-in-law is giving me her Audi in about a month!!! It's in great working order and only 4 years old. It's cherry red and lovely, and it'll be my first car. I've always avoided driving and living in the city has made it easy for me to avoid driving. Now I'll be in the burbs and driving far for work. I pretty much have to drive. Why not do it in style?

So I'm really happy. My life is progressing nicely. My luck has been improving and I'm extremely grateful. I mean it's not like I'm poor but we have been on a budget since we had our son. I was laid off (along with 100+ coworkers) only a few months after he was born. I went back to school and learned soap-making. My photography has improved. I've started sewing again. All that is great but now it's time to make some money. I started seriously looking for a job over a year ago but I've been picky out of necessity. I have to make a certain amount or there's no point in working. Full-time child care costs about $210/ week so I can't just take any retail job I can find. I have to have an office job and I prefer benefits. So yay for getting this job. Woo hoo. Good salary, great benefits, great cause. I'll be happy working for a company that helps people.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Late Night Nails

For some reason I felt the need to do my nails again. I tried using the konad plate for the bow but it was full of fail. I went over it with a thin brush and the same white polish and put a rhinestone in the middle.

I just have to wait until my Konad stamping polishes come (after the holiday). That white will be best. I also ordered the plain black. The place I ordered the Black Gold stamping polish from sent me the wrong size and color. I'm waiting for the correct color fo come for exchange purposes.

I want a Bowflex. Yep. I'm random.

Oh yeah the reddish base color is OPI's Friar Friar Pants on Fire. The black is by Jordana. Blah, blah, blah. Night night.

Me (*^_^*)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tiny Boots

Miss Sara Mari (chouzuru) got me thinking about my big feet. Why couldn't they stop growing at size 10? They're really pretty ridonkulous. There are really slim pickings when looking for shoes in a size 12 wide. And it has nothing to do with weight. I wore an 11 wide when I was thin up until the last trimester of my pregnancy. Since then, my right foot has been one whole size up. Grr!

I really want these boots, but I'm 100% certain they don't come in my size. Doesn't that suck? It sucks to be a giant sometimes. I think I could turn some plain boots into a knock-off version of these, but I don't think I have the time nor patience. Ah well. Someone else should have them so I can live vicariously through another.

Dark Nail Art

So I think this is a good attempt. I've got lots of polish to experiment with and lots of stamping plates to play with. I just need to stock up on the Konad stamping polishes. I'm convinced they will consistently work better. As it stands, I think my Rimmel and OPI polishes works well with it. I just think it'll be best to use the Konad line because they are the thickest. The thicker the better when it comes to stamping.

For this design, I used:

  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri... in Mochachino 17.
  • CQ By Scherer in French White 103 
  • Claire's Nail Polish in Silver Punk (with a separate skinny brush)
  • Konad Stamping Plate #M56
  • Star-shaped rhinestones, clear.

I'm actually ready to take it off and do another design. I've got a new obsession! I have another recent nail art to post. It is all basic free-hand. Since I'll finally have some time to myself tomorrow, I will post it then.

Night night!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Budget Gyaru

So I've purchased some nail art supplies, namely the Konad stamping system. I love Amazon for constantly having great deals. I hate it because it makes shopping way too easy. Anyway, I see lots of nail artistry in my life. We take possession of our new house next Tuesday instead of the 11/28 because we all decided before the holiday is best. We are so happy and excited. We drove by today like creepy little stalkers. We'll need a leaf-blower ASAP. Back on topic though.

We will be pumping so much money into cosmetic changes for the house that I won't be able to manage regular nail salon trips and extensions. This is why I'm glad I know how to handle aesthetics on my own. My hair is cut. I can't believe how fast it grows. I'll trim it again in like 4 weeks and all the dye and damage should be gone for good. I will go back to my natural hair colour for a while, but I think I'll start going to Aveda to have it relaxed every 3-6 months. I don't think that's too bad. 

As for my nails, I'm excited because I've looked up a bunch of tutorials and am confident that I'll be able to manage a lot of the styles I've seen. I am moving to a place where the salons are unfamiliar. I might drive 45min (to an hour depending on traffic) back to this neighborhood to get my nails done. I'll have to do it for my hair, so why not my nails? I'll enjoy it. And who knows, maybe I'll do others' nails as well. I know my friend Aysha would love it. 

Anyway, here's one nail look I plan to do when the rest of my stuff comes next week:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Home Countdown!

Have I told you all I'm moving? We live in a condo right now (which we've outgrown), so I can't wait. It's a great condo for a single person or a couple. Hopefully we can sell it quickly. Either way, we are on our way out.

Only another week and a half to go. I can't wait to be out of this place. This neighborhood is LAME. I'm sick of trashy neighbors. I'm sick of the phrase "youse guys" and the Northeast Philly accent that accompanies it. I don't want my son growing up here. I don't want him growing up where the people litter and don't care about their property. I wasn't raised like that. I also wasn't raised to curse at nor in the presence of my elders. This neighborhood has gone to shit. The schools suck. Crime is on the rise. And I've discovered there are more sex offenders than a little bit. Hell no. We are out.

Our new neighborhood is in the burbs. It's quiet and clean. We have driven through the area tons of times at varying hours. It's always been good. The neighbors are nice. Our new house is a single with a nice front lawn and a big (but not too big) back yard. Xavier loves it. It's not too cold yet so he'll get some use of the yard before the weather gets too frigid.

For documenting purposes, I'll say a bit about the house. It's a colonial built in 1950 and has only had one owner. It's 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathroom. There's a finished basement with two side rooms. One will be my gym and the other will be my soaping room until we can afford to have it converted into another bathroom. We'll move the laundry down there as well since the basement will be kind of a chill room. There's even a built in bar. The downside is all the wood paneling! The bedrooms are all huge. The middle room is gonna be used as an office & sewing room. There's an attic but we haven't been in it. Erik says it's big and clear. The only things we are immediately changing are:

  • wall colors
  • ripping up carpet (because there are beautiful hardwood floors underneath
  • replacing the ugly kitchen counters
  • replacing the stove, fridge, and microwave
Eventually, we will redo the that tragic pink bathroom. We'll also replace the sink in the powder room (half bath) with a slim pedestal sink. It'll look less crowded. Enough typing. 
Here are a few photos of the rooms, yard, and patio:

Final Giveaway Reminder Post

Don't forget about my 5-+ Followers Giveaway!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shopping for Friends

I made this for my friend because she was convinced skinny jeans weren't in her future. She's not gyaru, just a mama like me. The only difference is that she's already my goal dress size (though I could have sworn she was 2 or 3 sizes smaller). It was fun picking stuff out for her. My main goal was finding skinny jeans for women with hips. I knew she wouldn't want anything low-rise, so I picked the Lola cut (by Lucky Brand). They are mid rise and curvy cut. This is key because she has a tiny waist and hips to envy. Oh and curvy doesn't automatically mean fat,people. She is in no way even close to fat. Also, she's almost my height and the Lola jeans also come in 34" and 36" inseams. Woo hoo.

As for the tops,I'm guessing shes a medium so I just went crazy with stuff from Wet Seal. I wasn't sure she'd love it but she did. Yay! I should be a personal shopper. I know how to shop for people based on shape, personality and lifestyle. I didn't bother with heals because she has a daughter who's not that much older than Xavier and I know she won't have the patience for kid-wranglin in heels.

Avyway, I tried to sneak some gyaru kein in there. That one sweater is Nordic, but that's it. She's not likely to rock leopard print or fur. Those boots are suede but I think it may be fake. She's vegan and I'm not sure if it's just dietary on her end. Better safe than sorry.

Lola Skinny Jeans
$80 -
Denim jeans »

Lola Skinny Jeans
$99 -
Vintage jeans »

Lola Skinny Jeans
$99 -
Lucky brand jeans »

Friday, November 12, 2010

Outfit Post

Outfit posts are good for you. Here are the details:

Sweater : Wet Seal
Tunic : eBay
Jeans : Source of Wisdom (via Torrid)
Belt : Lane Bryant

I would just like to state for the record that, while not 100% to my liking, Lane Bryant has gotten much better at supplying clothes I'd actually wear. I've bought a few things recently that are (of course) more onee than anything else. I could see myself buying a lot of my office attire there. The other great thing is that they have lots of cute sleepy clothes there. It's nice to not have to rely solely on Torrid to have those goods. Also, I love (for all sizes). The prices are great and you get free shipping for orders over $75. You can also upgrade that free standard shipping to $2 priority shipping. I do that every time because I'm impatient.

Anyway. I'll have to post about my shoes and boots next time. Some of you will learn a thing or two. Trust me.

Me (*^_^*)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old Video of Awesome Truth

So we [obviously] took this video a long time ago.  I think it was Xavier's first Hanukkah or something. But this video clearly shows how I was slacking in my gyarudom for those first 3 - 6 months. Also, I miss my longer, healthier hair.  

How Do I Look?

Oh yeah, and I chopped my hair.
Do any of you know that show on Style Channel (or is it E!)? I think I'd cry if I ever went on that show. They are so catty and brutal. I would listen to the advice, but the truth is that they'd probably try to take away every bit of gyaru style I have left. I've only got so much to give!

Thank god I'm not on that show. Luckily I have my fellow bloggers who know the struggle-- some of whom are also oneegyaru and understand that once you're past a certain age, more is more. I'll leave the less is more philosophy to the tiny teens and younger adults. I'm somebody's mama now lol.

*On a semi-related note, does anyone remember that old MadTV sketch for Mom Jeans? The slogan was, "Because you're not a woman anymore. You're a mom." The jeans were super high-waisted, baggy in the front with a tapered leg and that light blue color that makes me think of Jordache circa 1992. That will never be me.

Sweater: Lane Bryant
Shirt: Dots (a few years ago but only worn like 2x)
Necklace: Dots
Belt: Lane Bryant
Leggings: Torrid

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Belly Dancing Gets

As I said in my previous post, I'm extremely frustrated with trying to find t-shirt bras. I need to buy one in (black first, then brown) to make into ornate pieces for belly dancing.
I need to send it to the Krishna from Magical Fashions before she goes to India so she can turn it into something like this:
Or this:

On the plus side, I've already gone and ordered a nifty headband. It's a lot like the one Ariel (one of the girls in my troupe) snatched up at our last hafla. That wench took the only black-based headband available! So this is the one I ordered:
Next a seriously hardcore kuchi belt, but I don't really NEED it right this minute. I have 2 pretty banjara mirror belts. One is has circular mirrors, the other rectangular. I'll dig up photos and post them. I bought them on ebay a while ago. Since I don't have a kuchi belt, I'll be getting this one soon:

Okay. I'm done pic spamming. My next post will be gal-related. I swear!

Industry Fail

Attention Manufacturers: 

Pale people are not the only ones who buy underwear. "Nude" should not mean peachy-beige or tan. For most of the world, nude is some form of brown so get a fucking clue and start making more brown bras!!! And yes, I know my boobs are huge but if you're gonna offer nude in my size offer a nude I can use!

How about this: Nude Light and Nude Dark. Sure some will always complain that one or the other isn't light or dark enough, but at least it'll be close! 

And another thing!
Actually that's all I've got. I'm just getting really pissed off while looking for t-shirt bras. I need to buy one specifically for belly dancing... but that's the next post. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Hair's Holy Grail List for Straightening

I wouldn't say I'm a total product junkie, but I do like to try entire lines of hair care products. At one point I bought ALL the Garnier Fructis products for going from curly to straight. My favorite is the Smoothing Milk. I also bought all the CHI products-- and ended up giving most away because they smell like man. I still love the shampoo and conditioner and use them like once per month.

Splurging aside, here is my real group of top hair goodies:

Twice a week, I use Aveda Damage Remedy shampoo & conditioner along with the Aveda Smooth Infusion (which also serves as a heat protector). For the coarse section of my hair, I sometimes use the Aveda Brilliant Universal Styling Creme. These are my holy grail products.

If on a tighter budget, BioInfusion (at Walgreen's) has a decent line of product and the polishing serum is a great alternative. You just have to be your own judge of how much to use based upon your hair type. I can also give my approval for the ApHogee line of products. If you're okay with sulfates, Organic Root Stimulator has great products, too. The conditioner is my favorite and the Olive Oil Hair Lotion is a great moisturizer. Everything from all of these lines has a great smell.  

I have super thick hair so I blow-dry in small layers with a round brush using my Conair Infinity Ceramic Tourmaline blow dryer. It does a great job but now I want the BaByliss Pro Diamond blow dryer that matches my new flat iron. After blow drying, I flat iron in small layers to get it silky smooth. 

My hair is half damaged from a bad dye job. That section is very porous and fluffs up quickly in high humidity. The Aveda Brilliant USC and the BioInfusion Glossing Serum are great at fighting/blocking the humidity. I have the Aveda Anti-Humectant Pomade and it's okay for my healthy hair, but not for the damaged parts. I just don't bother buying it anymore-- though I may buy a jar when I get my hair chopped short. It gives a great shine which means using less products. 

My thick hair absorbs moisture like crazy, yet it dries out easily. How does that make any sense?! I find it altogether annoying, but I'm sure it could be worse. 


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