Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shopping for Friends

I made this for my friend because she was convinced skinny jeans weren't in her future. She's not gyaru, just a mama like me. The only difference is that she's already my goal dress size (though I could have sworn she was 2 or 3 sizes smaller). It was fun picking stuff out for her. My main goal was finding skinny jeans for women with hips. I knew she wouldn't want anything low-rise, so I picked the Lola cut (by Lucky Brand). They are mid rise and curvy cut. This is key because she has a tiny waist and hips to envy. Oh and curvy doesn't automatically mean fat,people. She is in no way even close to fat. Also, she's almost my height and the Lola jeans also come in 34" and 36" inseams. Woo hoo.

As for the tops,I'm guessing shes a medium so I just went crazy with stuff from Wet Seal. I wasn't sure she'd love it but she did. Yay! I should be a personal shopper. I know how to shop for people based on shape, personality and lifestyle. I didn't bother with heals because she has a daughter who's not that much older than Xavier and I know she won't have the patience for kid-wranglin in heels.

Avyway, I tried to sneak some gyaru kein in there. That one sweater is Nordic, but that's it. She's not likely to rock leopard print or fur. Those boots are suede but I think it may be fake. She's vegan and I'm not sure if it's just dietary on her end. Better safe than sorry.

Lola Skinny Jeans
$80 - luckybrandjeans.com
Denim jeans »

Lola Skinny Jeans
$99 - luckybrandjeans.com
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Lola Skinny Jeans
$99 - luckybrandjeans.com
Lucky brand jeans »

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