Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Home Countdown!

Have I told you all I'm moving? We live in a condo right now (which we've outgrown), so I can't wait. It's a great condo for a single person or a couple. Hopefully we can sell it quickly. Either way, we are on our way out.

Only another week and a half to go. I can't wait to be out of this place. This neighborhood is LAME. I'm sick of trashy neighbors. I'm sick of the phrase "youse guys" and the Northeast Philly accent that accompanies it. I don't want my son growing up here. I don't want him growing up where the people litter and don't care about their property. I wasn't raised like that. I also wasn't raised to curse at nor in the presence of my elders. This neighborhood has gone to shit. The schools suck. Crime is on the rise. And I've discovered there are more sex offenders than a little bit. Hell no. We are out.

Our new neighborhood is in the burbs. It's quiet and clean. We have driven through the area tons of times at varying hours. It's always been good. The neighbors are nice. Our new house is a single with a nice front lawn and a big (but not too big) back yard. Xavier loves it. It's not too cold yet so he'll get some use of the yard before the weather gets too frigid.

For documenting purposes, I'll say a bit about the house. It's a colonial built in 1950 and has only had one owner. It's 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathroom. There's a finished basement with two side rooms. One will be my gym and the other will be my soaping room until we can afford to have it converted into another bathroom. We'll move the laundry down there as well since the basement will be kind of a chill room. There's even a built in bar. The downside is all the wood paneling! The bedrooms are all huge. The middle room is gonna be used as an office & sewing room. There's an attic but we haven't been in it. Erik says it's big and clear. The only things we are immediately changing are:

  • wall colors
  • ripping up carpet (because there are beautiful hardwood floors underneath
  • replacing the ugly kitchen counters
  • replacing the stove, fridge, and microwave
Eventually, we will redo the that tragic pink bathroom. We'll also replace the sink in the powder room (half bath) with a slim pedestal sink. It'll look less crowded. Enough typing. 
Here are a few photos of the rooms, yard, and patio:

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