Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vroom Vroom

I got a neeeeew car. A n-n-neeeew car. Lalala laaaa la.

My Audi died and I couldnt afford to replace the engine so I got this instead. Now I've discovered there's a class action law suit against Volkswagen for engine sludge. As expensive as Audis are to buy and maintain, VW has some nerve trying to screw people over on a known issue like this. So they extended the warranties by 8years, but my car was 9years old. So I was out of luck anyway. Still, that's just mean and a bad business practice.

Now I have my Suzuki Aerio SX and it's full of win. Super fast win. And after not having a car for almost 2 months (partially due to my own stubbornness), I'm happy as hell.


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