Friday, November 19, 2010

Budget Gyaru

So I've purchased some nail art supplies, namely the Konad stamping system. I love Amazon for constantly having great deals. I hate it because it makes shopping way too easy. Anyway, I see lots of nail artistry in my life. We take possession of our new house next Tuesday instead of the 11/28 because we all decided before the holiday is best. We are so happy and excited. We drove by today like creepy little stalkers. We'll need a leaf-blower ASAP. Back on topic though.

We will be pumping so much money into cosmetic changes for the house that I won't be able to manage regular nail salon trips and extensions. This is why I'm glad I know how to handle aesthetics on my own. My hair is cut. I can't believe how fast it grows. I'll trim it again in like 4 weeks and all the dye and damage should be gone for good. I will go back to my natural hair colour for a while, but I think I'll start going to Aveda to have it relaxed every 3-6 months. I don't think that's too bad. 

As for my nails, I'm excited because I've looked up a bunch of tutorials and am confident that I'll be able to manage a lot of the styles I've seen. I am moving to a place where the salons are unfamiliar. I might drive 45min (to an hour depending on traffic) back to this neighborhood to get my nails done. I'll have to do it for my hair, so why not my nails? I'll enjoy it. And who knows, maybe I'll do others' nails as well. I know my friend Aysha would love it. 

Anyway, here's one nail look I plan to do when the rest of my stuff comes next week:

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