Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How Do I Look?

Oh yeah, and I chopped my hair.
Do any of you know that show on Style Channel (or is it E!)? I think I'd cry if I ever went on that show. They are so catty and brutal. I would listen to the advice, but the truth is that they'd probably try to take away every bit of gyaru style I have left. I've only got so much to give!

Thank god I'm not on that show. Luckily I have my fellow bloggers who know the struggle-- some of whom are also oneegyaru and understand that once you're past a certain age, more is more. I'll leave the less is more philosophy to the tiny teens and younger adults. I'm somebody's mama now lol.

*On a semi-related note, does anyone remember that old MadTV sketch for Mom Jeans? The slogan was, "Because you're not a woman anymore. You're a mom." The jeans were super high-waisted, baggy in the front with a tapered leg and that light blue color that makes me think of Jordache circa 1992. That will never be me.

Sweater: Lane Bryant
Shirt: Dots (a few years ago but only worn like 2x)
Necklace: Dots
Belt: Lane Bryant
Leggings: Torrid

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