Monday, November 29, 2010

Quickie Post

Okay guys and dolls. 
My giveaway is officially over as of 11:59pm EST Sunday 11/28.
Good luck to all who have entered. 
I will contact the winner by Tuesday night at 11:29pm EST via email. 

In other news, I want this bag. I think I'll have to get off my arse and order it. I'll be able to do that without feeling guilt because I got the job I interviewed for. The end of 2010 has been great. Wheel of Fortune, the house in Cheltenham, this job, and last but certainly not least...

My mum-in-law is giving me her Audi in about a month!!! It's in great working order and only 4 years old. It's cherry red and lovely, and it'll be my first car. I've always avoided driving and living in the city has made it easy for me to avoid driving. Now I'll be in the burbs and driving far for work. I pretty much have to drive. Why not do it in style?

So I'm really happy. My life is progressing nicely. My luck has been improving and I'm extremely grateful. I mean it's not like I'm poor but we have been on a budget since we had our son. I was laid off (along with 100+ coworkers) only a few months after he was born. I went back to school and learned soap-making. My photography has improved. I've started sewing again. All that is great but now it's time to make some money. I started seriously looking for a job over a year ago but I've been picky out of necessity. I have to make a certain amount or there's no point in working. Full-time child care costs about $210/ week so I can't just take any retail job I can find. I have to have an office job and I prefer benefits. So yay for getting this job. Woo hoo. Good salary, great benefits, great cause. I'll be happy working for a company that helps people.

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