Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Stuff & My Upcoming Giveaways

Okay so I would like you all to know I have huge feet. Seriously. I have always had big feet, but never like this. Shit's about to get real now: My right foot is like a 12.5 and my left foot is an 11 in most shoes. So lets just say my cute shoe options are low. My saviour? Payless. The American Eagle line has consistently cute shoes up to size 13. Lucky me! I ordered these shoes because I wanted some simple, closed-toe wedges. These are good to me. Of course I have to use some Dr. Scholl's Gellin' insoles to keep the shoe from flying off my left foot, but it's worth it. There was another pair with a bow in the front instead of the cut-outs and pleating. Unfortunately there were none left in my size and the wedge was mini. I know I'm already super tall, but sometimes I really, really like to be even taller. Go hard or go home. 

The next happy purchase I made is this cute little wristlet.Yes I like bows, but I also love things with ruffles. I just don't wear many. I haven't mastered the ruffle just yet. Luckily, there are little accessories like this to help ease me into the art of well-placed rufflage. <-- That's not a word. Oh well.

So I don't like wearing real leather unless the product is something I feel like I'm going to cry over not having. That hasn't happened in years. I just had to have these three leather underbust corsets. They were perfect for me. But yeah, I haven't bothered with real leather for a while. I also don't bother with fur. I don't care who else does or doesn't. I only bring it up because I'm really looking forward to the fall season's fur burst. I can't wait to buy furry scarves, boots and probably hats (in winter).

Onto Giveaways!
I want to do a giveaway. I've even got the products shipping. I just need more followers.
 I'll go a mini giveaway when I hit 50 followers and another (bigger) when I hit 100 followers. 
Time for me to be a bit more social and drop my link in more places. 


  1. Hey Girl! OMG I have big feet too, I am sooooo happy that i am not alone in this. I feel your pain, i can never find cute shoes that easy =( I am also tall, (5'11) and i love heels. I do wear them whenever i feel like it, i dont care if i look too tall. Hope you get more followers...i am now following =D Looking forward to your future posts.

  2. My lil sister has size 11 feet. My grandmother has size 10.5 wide. Heck my son's right foot is bigger than the other. So I now what you mean. I always go into the store to see if I can buy a shoe for each size as a pair.

  3. thank you for the link^^ *hug* i struggle with a couple of push ups XD

    and i love the ruffles :3

  4. Hey ladies. thanks for the feedback. I've only known 2 or 3 other girls with feet as big as mine. They are all at least 5'10" so I guess maybe it is a height thing.

  5. Hey Girl...Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, I love to hear from others ;)
    about the multi chain necklaces...I do make them, but sterling silver multu chain necklaces tend to run a bit pricey, so i just stay away...perhaps i should make them with plated metal....great idea ;) and thanks for following!



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