Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shopping Plans!

Hello, World. I am a big fan of mode kei.

So this post will have a bunch of shopping inspiration-- some mode and some not--  which doubles as thinspo. I say that because some things will have to be bought elsewhere (or made by me) to fit properly. Fat or skinny, people all over the world get their clothes tailored to fit as close to perfectly as possible. It's just way easier to find clothes in smaller sizes. I'm not whining. That's just life.

This first grouping is a lovely stripey blazer and stripey tank top. In case you all don't know, I love-love-love bold stripes (& dots & plaids). I like how white looks on me when coupled with black or sometimes brown.

This grouping contains the only look I love overall from JSG's new collection and a black lace cardigan that I NEEEEEED. I love cardigans, blazers, and fly-away wraps. I'm a layering type of gal. I feel like I need to have a lace cardigan. At LEAST lace on the back. I needs it. The precious.

These items from Juriano Jurrie are appealing. I don't like thos shorts, as they are too destroyed and I'm only okay with lightly distressed. Still, I think the length and fit ofthe shorts would work for me. What I really love is the jacket. It's just fun. As for the next look, I love that sweater-dress. I'm guessing it's not really in trend for gyaru this fall but... I really don't care! I don't love the top they chose to put beneath it, but I would wear the hell out of that thing.

And last, but certainly maybe not least, I want these bags:


  1. Your first two sets of photos are acting strangely. Were you trying to put them side by side? Blogger never lets me do it. Sometimes you have to combine the photos together on a photo editing program first.

  2. Yeah, the photos are overlapping.

    But gosh, i can't stop looking at that JSG coordinate!
    I'm definitely inspired.
    Thanks for posting!

    Oh yeah, I think you should look around here:
    Ena's line just screams mode ^^

  3. loving the JSG coordinate :D purrrrrrdy. hehe.
    AND the Chanel!!! ♥

    thanks for following my blog too. :) nice to meet u! ^-^

  4. Thanks sooooo much for letting me know. It's fixed now!

    I'm checking emoda now and yep. That's my kinda look.

    @Nana new gal pals = fun times ^_^



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