Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gyaru Gyaru Everywhere!

Hey hey. So I think it's good to think about gal inspiration outside the magazines. For this I will NOT be linking the obvious gals Euro & American gals. You know who you are and so does everyone else ^_^ I will also avoid listing the wonderful gals in the Lovely Blog-sa. Overkill is lame. Well unless you're gaming. Then it's just funny.

These gals have either inspired me through-out the years or become a recent addition to my real life gal inspiration list.

Robyn, Xti, whatever your name is :-p This gal has been a great source of information and inspiration for me since before I was doing bad banba make on LiveJournal. She is known around the net as "EggVIP" and runs a nifty blog, Honest Unique Beautiful.

Naka has the sewing skills I wish I had. I'm Jealous! Check out her blog, Naka's Net.

Anya is a crafty mom-to-be who has great gal style. Visit: The Veiled Bump.

Tori seems to always have great outfits. It's to the point where I think she made a pact with Satan. Seriously. Well no, not really serious. But still... Cherri Story <-- go there.



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