Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On Blogging

Blogging has been a serious part of my life since I was in my first apartment in 2001. It was a chaotic lively time in my life and needed an outlet. I kept physical journals all throughout my youth, but I found out a bunch of my friends were on LiveJournal so I wanted one. Now back then you had to be invited. I had to find a friend who had invite codes left so until I got one from Eric (whom I haven't seen or spoken to almost a decade) I was using DeadJournal. Eventually, I was able to import all my old entries to LJ.

I stayed with LJ for ages. I've had multiple journals, but the one I currently use (ocasionally) is under the username AvyTech. That one is the less drama/sex/alcohol/party-laden journal. It's far more PG-13 than its predecessor, AvyGrrl. The new journal was my phoenix rising type of thing. Life was sooooooo bleak at the end of AvyGrrl. So much so that I needed to just leave it alone. I still haven't deleted it because I need to look back and have a good solid cry. It keeps me focused on reality. Don't get me wrong, life is great now. Unfortunately just because things seem dandy doesn't mean they are.

There were problems with me and people I love and I was so busy having fun that I didn't really accept the problems that were staring me in the face. AvyGrrl was a chronicle of lies and death. Some of that traveled to AvyTech, but the amount is minuscule in comparison.

This blog has none of that. I try to steer clear of expressing serious emotions in this blog. I try to keep it superficial, light, and fun. I do try to be informative and I try to include my point of view on gyaru style as not just a Westerner, but as a wife, mother, and potential domestic goddess. I will even be posting soon about how belly dancing and other parts of me influence my fashion choices. I want to be able to look back at any post and never feel a bit of sadness or anger. This blog is for for nothing but care-free gyaru goodness.

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