Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Onee-Gyaru Hair

Image from Hot Pepper
I'm thinking of getting what I call "Onee-gyaru Hairdo #1" this week. Or at least it'll be my next 'do. I'm supposed to be taking my extensions out right now. I wonder how much my hair has changed?

I'm at a point where I am seriously, SERIOUSLY considering getting a relaxer to make my life easier: faster blow drying = faster hair styling. As it stands, when I blow dry my hair it has to be done in tiny layers. My hair is super thick and the key to decent straightness is tiny layers.After it's straight, hooray for big loose curls.

The problem with relaxing is that I'll loose my natural curl. I'll miss it for sure, but I'm super certain Erik will miss it more. The man love my natural poofiness. What can I say? It's sweet.So therein lies the dilema.

Another possible solution would be to start getting Brazillian Keratin Treatments. I like BKT because it's really a protein treatment that decreases frizz and only loosens curls as a by-product. It's pricey but potentially worth it. I like having options without having to spend 2-3 hours washing, drying, and straightening/curling my hair.


  1. have u considered using japanese ida hair straightening? thats what i use :) im currently debating whether to have hair extensions to get a long onee gal style or settling 4 a short onee gal style xx

  2. Right now I'm relaxed but giving my hair a rest by wearing wig or weave ! Id love to go back to natural, but my natural hair is so coarse... that it gaves me headache @__@
    Well I think this hairstyle will suits you very well =)

  3. @Fuyume - JHS would make my hair too straight to curl the way I want. At least that's what the stylist told me in my quote. There aren't many who will do it on my hair type so when I requested a quote ($850) I made sure to ask how I could style it. I have one friend who had it done, but she has naturally thick, wavy. She can't curl hers, but doesn't want to either.

    @ Tommy - That's what I've been doing for a while. Microbraids, wig, weave, repeat lol. That's what it seems like at least.

  4. Aww...I wouldnt want to lose my natural curl (if I even had any) either....hope it works out for you!

  5. BKT makes your hair very shiny. Post some pics after you make the change. :)



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