Friday, September 17, 2010

Know Who's Sexy?

This guy right here.
Ken Watanabe, my imaginary side jawn.

And not for nothin, I miss the good ol' days where if for some reason there was gonna be a fight, men had epic battles instead of pulling out guns. I mean, seriously. If you're pissed enough to kill someone, at least exert some real energy while doing it. And while you're at it, get dressed up like a sexy samurai (or other warrior).



  1. He is hot for an older asian guy! I loved him in the Last Samurai!!!

  2. Not too shabby! I also love that guy from Lost who is now in the new Hawaii 5-0 show. AND the dude who played Archie on CSI.

  3. >.< why'd you bring out the sexy older watanabe?

    I'm trying not to fall for actor while my husband's around.



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