Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pieces of MEEE

This month....
I like: How my belly dancing choreography is coming along and I get more anxious/excited to perform as October 24th gets closer..

I don't like: That the pain in my kidney/side is making it REALLY difficult for me to do yoga & pilates. 

I want you to know: That anything goes when it comes to hoes cuz pimpin ain't easy. Just kidding (not really). But seriously, most of the people reading this are AWESOME.

I've planned: A lesson, exercise, and meal plan for the next 2 weeks to see if it will improve the way I feel and the way my son communicates. He's smart and active but doesn't feel the need to speak English... even though he can answer most questions (non-verbally) and follow any instructions given. Thank you Parents Connect!

I want to say to someone special: Hey BDSS, I love BCT w/ the WFB & NHB on the BCBC and GBBB. Also: ))<>(( 4-ever.


  1. Good luck on the 24th...Im sure you are going to be fab!!

  2. I have the pieces of me photo if you want it.



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