Friday, September 10, 2010

New Hair

I've decided to be hardcore and post a not-so-purdy photo on my blog. BAM!!!  I just got real on ya'll.

So anyway, I decided to just get the relaxer. I wear my hear in its natural state only once per week anyway and sometimes that is only for a few hours. I'm saving myself the headache of extended straightening sessions. My stylist used the Mizani relaxer but I think I'll try the PhytoSpecific relaxer (Index 2, of course) because the back of my head is more nappy while the rest is curly. That area is where the Mizani failed and I'm hearing wonderful things about Phyto.

As you can see, I got bangs cut. I haven't had bangs in nearly 10 years. This is a big change for me. I've been wanting them for a while, but I know my husband is on Team No Bangs, so I was extremely hesitant. On the plus side, I think they fit my face better now that it's rounder. Might as well have them while the weight is there. Hopefully my face will be a lot thinner by the time they grow out! (#^__^#)

One special thing that came from this hair experience is that I'm drooling over Babyliss titanium flat irons. The one I've just linked to is not the exact iron she used (hers was blue).  She told me she swore by her CHI (ceramic) for ages, but after using a Babyliss (titanium) iron at a hair workshop she was hooked. I have to say the difference was incredible. I need to buy that iron while it's still on sale (~$50 vs ~$160)!

Anyway, night night. I'm knackered.


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  1. I like how your hair came out..this makes me wanna get my bangs cut again!

  2. that's a nice photo! i really like your new hairdo ^_^b

  3. Love the bangs! i just cut mine and i am soooo happy. btw, i tried to go on that j-list link and it didnt work...will try again =D

  4. Bangs are so in, and you look great with them! Also... the link is a bit wonky. It should be right?

  5. Thanks ladies :-)

    As for the link, Alicia is correct and I have edited the code in the post to reflect that.

  6. I didn't have a great experience with Phyto. I wanted to so badly but I guess I'm a Fiberguard girl for life. You hair looks great by the way.



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