Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CVS Mini-Haul

I decided to try a bunch of drug store brands hoping to post a great review full of win. Sorry, that isn't gonna happen.

I was most excited about the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipcolor. I thought it would be awesome. It is not. The colour shows up well after about 2 gloopy coats. You have to keep your lips parted until it dries because it is a sticky mess. It feels tack as it dries. When it finishes drying, your lips have a matte wash of colour. Some gyaru like that in a nude, but I don't. I had to add gloss. I did not buy any other colours. I was looking for a new nude. This was a disappointment. The major pro is that this lipstick does last a long time. It is pretty frustrating to get off.

The Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain was another semi-dud. It stains the arms, legs, fingers, etc just fine. When used on my lips, it took a lot of patience. There is a stain at one end and a lip conditioner at the other. Once you get it on, it's fine. Cost: $8.99

The Milani Nail Art polish is okay in terms of colour (Black Sketch) but the brush was a bit shabby so the line I painted was a bit splintered. Because of this, I had to add more to fill in the splintered bit, thereby making the line thicker than desired. Hopefully this was just the one bottle I had. I clipped the stray bristles down to match the others and now it's okay. Cost: $3.99

The Essence of Beauty Retractable Kabuki Brush might be limited edition. The only link I can find is for the not so kira kira version. It's an okay brush, but I like more density and shorter bristles. It needs to be a fatter brush. I really think I chose it for the bling. I had a Revlon kabuki a while back but lost it a week later. I should have just repurchased it instead of this beautiful-yet-mediocre brush.  Cost: $13.99

Last we have the Essence of Beauty Extra Gentle Brush Cleaner. It's awesome. It's definitely gentle and doesn't dry my brushes out. I like the fact that I can spray the brushes because it aids in product preservation. I have no complaints. It's great for deep cleansing. The price is right, at only $5.99.

Has anyone had better luck with these products?


  1. I like the Revlon Bitten stain in Forbidden. It works well on me, but I am not used to brighter/bolder colors. Other than that, I am done with drugstore makeup...the only thing i buy is the Loreal True match foundation (love love love) and the Revlon photo-ready foundation. I want to try the brush cleanser though. Does it clean well?



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