Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wheel of FORTUNE!

Guess who is gonna be on Wheel of Fortune?

Some of you know I auditioned in NYC a few months ago. I received my acceptance letter a month after that. Well yesterday, I got the call with my tape date. I will be flying to LA on Wednesday 10/20 and taping the next day. I have to get to the studio bright and early at 7:45. Get this: my taping will air in December so I have to dress as if it were winter. Time to break out the magazines and scans. I can't wear a dress because it's bad for putting on the battery pack. I'm thinking I'll do a skinny jeans- woven top- cute blazer/cardi combo with strong jewelry. I want to do a nice multi-chain necklace. I can't wear pinstripes or small patterns because of something about wiggly video. I forget what she said. All the info will come via FedEx next week.

Anyway, who lives in/near LA? I have to stay there for 2 nights. My friend Kat lives in town and she called dibs on me for the night before taping. I can be more flexible after.

Me (*^_^*)


  1. OMG!! congrats girl!!!!! TOTALLY EXCITING!!

  2. Awesome! Let us know when you will be aired so we can see you! :)

  3. Thanks a bunch, ladies.
    As for the air date, depending on which taping group I'm in for the day It will air the week of 1/9/2011 OR 1/16/2011. I think they avoid giving you the exact date on purpose, but if they tell me after taping I will post an update here and on my Twitter.



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