Friday, October 1, 2010

Sleepy Mama-Gyaru Stuff


I'm soooo sleepy! I have to stop going to bed at 3am - 4am knowing I have to get up and be hyper mom at 7am. Luckily Xavier let me sleep til 8am. I had coffee and we both had cereal while watching Team Umizumi. I seriously LOVE that show. Then we saw Jack's Big Music Show which is always great. I'm really a big kid and love these shows. I watch them when Xavier is at baby-school, too. That's twice per week. Speaking of baby-school...

My baby boy! He's been 2 years old since 9/15 but he looks so much older to me. 

I've been so hyper about him that I've forgotten that my own birthday is this SUNDAY. I'll finally be 27. I say "finally" because all year I've been telling people I'm 27, not as a joke or anything. I honestly keep thinking I'm 27. It's a good number: 9x9x9 = 27; √9 = 3; and 3 Oh it's the magic numberrrrrr. Yeah I'm a weird, slightly superstitious, geek. But seriously, due to a number of things unfolding in my personal/offline life, I'm confident 27 is going to be awesome
I'm already convinced I'll need to get fake nails again for my birthday. I'm gonna polish and deco them today when Xavier takes his nap. If they look good (and maybe even if they don't), I will post photos. I've been meaning to try my hand at nail art more often than I have. Go big or go home.

Now, it's time for another dance party (read: fun exercise) with Mr. Small Bear! Motherhood = happiness.

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  1. happy belated birthday!!! hope it was a good birthday weekend for you.

    Your son is so cute and he looks about his age. ^_^ one handsome boy!!



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