Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Avy Wants

XCVI, $208 @ Bloomingdale's
Howdy, ladies and gents.  I seriously love online window shopping (wishlisting). It's so much more calming than going to shops and wading through the masses of extremely SLOW-moving purveyors.

This jacket is a fine example. I think I need it in my life. I really just don't need it. I try to be practical. Setting practicality aside, it's obvious this jacket needs to be on me.  I think it has a bit of a military. Those buttons really do it for me. My only concern is that it may be a little short on my long torso.

Next up is this lovely furball of a purse by Marc Jacobs. I know it looks a wee bit ridonculous but I want it. It would be fun to pair it with a fur-trimmed trapper hat. I have a couple of those on my Bloomy's wishlist as well. My main problem with this purse is that it makes me feel guilty for whatever creature it's made of. I think I'm more likely to buy a faux fur knock-off of it and sleep well at night.

Marc Jacobs, $498 @ Bloomingdale's
The funny thing about my dealings in fur, leather, and skins is that I try to find alternatives but will wear the real deal if none are available and I really want the item. I don't feel that way about this bag. It's fun, but not OMGgonnaDIEifIdontgetit!!1!!one!

Anyway, I have to buy something new to wear for Wheel of Fortune. There are so many rules for things you can't  wear. It's crazy. I'm gonna try to not look dull, but they're not giving me much to work with. I'll try to post the info they gave me when Erik brings my camera back home. I let him borrow it for his band and now I'm all stressin over it like it's this super-magical-million-dollar-panda-baby. Yep. Like that.


  1. online shopping is surely great^^and nice fur bag:o

  2. me too girl!! i can put things in my cart as if I wanted it...and just leave it there as if I bought it....LOL



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