Monday, October 4, 2010

Shopping for the Chunky Gal

Calvin Klein, $139 @ Bloomingdale's
I happen to be a BIG fan of Torrid, but sometimes I want a more chic look. Sometimes a high brand is in order, or just a brand not carried there. I've been looking for work and lately and feel it's time to really step things up a notch if I temporarily go the way of legal/executive secretarial work. 

Some of you know I'm an Education major now. That's a completely change from the field in which I used to work. I'm pretty much sick of making rich people richer. I want a career where I'm contributing to the betterment of society. Yes, I know how corny that reads. 

Anyway, I always think of high brands as not carrying plus sizes. I was wrong. Some of them do-- and well. The dress pictured is a fine example. It's so basic. That's a good thing. Imagine the possibilities of dressing it up with great jewelry, hot shoes, a classy clutch and sexy hair! This is the type of dress that transfers well from office to happy hour to dinner & drinks. It's all about accessories. And while it looks long, on me it would be a few inches shorter because of my height. Even if it was long on me like everyone else, that's what sewing machines are for: hem, hem, hem! For a bit of fun (cocktails?) the second dress is a must, but an obvious don't for the office. 
Tadashi Shoji, $368 @ Bloomingdale's

Here is a handy list I found at Real Simple whilst looking up sheath dresses. 
Calvin Klein, 14W to 24W,

David Meister, 14W to 24W,

Donna Ricco, 14W to 22W,

Lafayette 148, 14W to 24W,

Talbots, 12W to 24W,

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  1. i like both of those dresses. And it is hard trying to find NICE clothing for bigger girls. for an asian girl - i'm a big all the girls are like sizes 6 down....i'm in-between 14/16...T_T i need to lose weight! LOL



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