Friday, October 15, 2010

Get Fit, Gyaru!

Get Fit, Gyaru!
Get Fit, Gyaru! by Avy Fergerrific Caplan on

So one thing I'm really, REALLY excited about with the new house is that we will have a designated mini gym. All it will take is some paint and that roll out rubber gym flooring. This will be in a room off the main area of the basement. I have the images on Facebook but forgot to make a slideshow for the blog. I will do that next, but first I'll type away.

I am the type of woman who's never been satisfied with her body. That stems from being teased for being too skinny, then being over developed at 11, and being taller than every girl I knew and needing a shirt 2 sizes up to fit my boobs into, or having to buy a size up so that bottoms would be long enough... and so on and so forth. So I always perceived myself to be "fat" because I was comparing myself to girls who were 5'4" rockin a B-cup and no muscles. They were what I call skinny-fat. I was a 6ft tall, athletic girl with muscular thighs, broad shoulders and a DD bra. I had little love handles (always have) but I was otherwise just fine.

Now that I actually am fat I'm kicking myself. I'm like, "What was I thinking?!" So it's very important to me that lose this extra weight so I can return to my former Amazonian glory. I was damn near like a comic book character (less Wonder Woman, more Xena).

Thinking in gyaru terms, I'm always gonna be the giant gaijin gyaru. I will never be able to buy gyaru brand clothes because I do NOT want to be a size 4 at all. I would go down to a size 8 at the most and even that is highly unlikely. I'm just not meant to be that small.

Like me, many gyaru aren't supposed to be that small. I don't just mean gaijin. I think what a lot of gyaru (Western especially) forget is that the models in the magazine are not the best representatives of what a gyaru body looks like. I don't think there is one shape to be. If anything, look to the shop staff and gyaru on the street.

Just as it's unhealthy to be too fat, it's not safe to be extra thin either. I have two friends who are short and really thin, but one has high cholesterol and the other never knows when she'll get her period! I may be fat but I don't have any health problems so at least I can be happy about that.

Overall, I eat well but don't get enough exercise. Because of this, haven't lost (or gained) any weight lately. My strength has increased due to push ups. My stamina is still good because of dancing. I'm probably the healthiest fat girl you'll know!

So my desire to lose weight is 85% superficial. I want a bigger selection of clothes. I want better prices. I want to not feel the need to wear a cardi with everything. I love layering but this summer would have been more fun if I was thin lol

Blah blah blah. I'm sleepy!

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