Friday, October 29, 2010

Mama Gyaru Stuff

Hey gyaru(o),

I can't wait til my next issue of I Love Mama comes. It'll be sent along with Blenda, but I'm especially excited for ILM. I have a new arrangement with my husband. I've been feeling really unmotivated in all things domestic for the past couple of weeks. Our condo looks a mess. When the association decided all the first floor units (like ours) had storage units which weren't up to code, we had to cram a bunch of stuff into our living space. This is a HUGE part of why I can't wait until we move into the new house. Four more weeks!!! Woo hoo!!!

Anyway, the clutter plus all the traveling and running around I've been doing has really gotten me exhausted. I think it's more mental than physical.

So my husband has helped me with an agenda that's structured but not overwhelming. And yay for grown-up motivation. The agenda also makes time for my exercise. Somehow I lost 7 pounds (3.18kg/.5st ) before going on Wheel of Fortune (I won ~$5,000 but I'm legally not allowed to give details so I'll post on the LA adventure instead... later). I think it was stress weight. For example, all I had time to eat before the day before I went on was a bag of trail mix. That's not healthy. I want to lose weight through exercise. That way, I'll keep muscle mass and not go to a flabby thin state. Muscle tone is sexier in my opinion. Hail Xena!

Anyway, in my mission to be a true domestic goddess, I'm happy to have found these sites:

The last two are sign-up sites (free) that can be REALLY helpful. The first two are blogs full of great ideas. For the gyaru without children, Chorebuster is great for room-/house-mates.

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