Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wheel of Fortune Shopping!!!

So my mama-in-law is taking me shopping tomorrow. We're going to Torrid  and hopefully no place else. I figured I'd post my ideas now and get some opinions. We're meeting at 11am tomorrow. This is the primary outfit I have in mind. I think I'd put a graphic t-shirt under under the jacket and wear some black booties.

Part of me feels it is too matchy matchy. I could do a plain pencil skirt to tone that down. I'd be happy to wear a dress and blazer but we can't wear dresses... or necklaces. And what's a dress without a necklace? Also, we're not supposed to wear too much black. Bearing that in mind, I've been thinking about what to pair this top with.
I'm thinking I can tuck it into a belted skirt. I know I'm stuck on military. Maybe I should stick to Mode-kei? Also, I need to figure out if these fall trends will spread well into winter. I need magazines! Well I just need a November issue of Blenda. Time to check the pub date charts.

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