Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Got the House!

Remember that big news I was [not]talking about? We'll we went to bid on a house Saturday. It's in a much nicer (cleaner, safer, quieter) town just outside Philly. The property taxes are high but the schools are GREAT and just what we want for Xavier. Speaking of X, he basically loves it as much as Erik and I do. It's perfect for us. The previous owner lived there for like 50 years before she passed away and her brother took care of it for her.

It's in great condition, but has an old lady look in some places. The floors are beautiful (hardwood - maple) but are covered with carpet EVERYWHERE but the bathrooms... yes, even the kitchen lol. The kitchen has these gorgeous oak cabinets with cool details in the carving. The appliances are older and the countertop is this hideous coral formica, but that's it for ugly. All we have to do is paint it the colours we want and upgrade the kitchen. In theory, we could just bring our kitchen appliances, but we want to leave them for when we sell this place. It's easier to sell a property with all the goods. Our condo is great, but too small now that Xavier is a big boy with lots of toys. He needs more room to run.

So the house is 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths with a full finished basement, eat-in kitchen, lg. formal dining room and a big living room with a big fireplace. Also, the front porch and lawn are big, but the back patio and yard are huge. I can have a garden and meditation spot, X can have a playground set, we can get a dog and doghouse and still have room to run around. Also, the garage is perfect for Erik and his band mates to hang out. The basement is perfect for my small belly dancing group AND we could add another bathroom down there if we wanted. Oh and there's a bar down there already. Also, all the bedrooms are huge and the middle room opens out to the roof. We're already set on building a deck up there and making that room our office with a GOOD futon couch for guests. I have a lot of computers and tech stuff so it'll be perfect.

I'm tellin you: 27 is gonna be my year. This great news, plus Wheel of Fortune next week. I'm a happy gal. Seriously. I'm so excited. I see us growing old there. We don't intend to have any more kids either so all should be well in terms of space. It really is the perfect place for us. It's plenty big and perfect for having guests over. We take possession in 30 days and I'm just so excited I could burst!

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