Friday, October 8, 2010

Onee-kei is Sexy!


So don't laugh at me, but I'm into grown woman stuff.
What I mean is that when I was younger and into banba and rokku-kei, it was okay to be a little sleazy. Short skirts with visible thigh-highs and garters were great! "Get Wild! Be Sexy!" was the mantra.
Alas, I'm not a club kid anymore. I'm a grown woman who's not old, but is certainly no longer barely legal. Sexy had to evolve. I'm into tight pencil skirts and kitten heels with sheer secretary tops (and camisoles). They're the new mini-skirt and halter.

Taking these things into consideration, I'm very happy Fall is here. I love wearing thigh-highs and garter belts, but I no longer let it be obvious that I'm wearing them. If I do, that's because it's time for grown folks business. ^_^

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