Thursday, September 9, 2010

Buying Gyaru Magazines

...just might get cheaper. 

I've been in touch with J-list about carrying more gyaru magazines. I've specifically asked about Ranzuki, Jelly, Blenda, and (of course) I Love Mama. My reasoning is much ado about Amazon Japan. I LOVE Amazon. I hate Amazon Japan and it's mostly because the shipping is oh so pricey. 

To give you an idea, consider the info below.

One Magazine
Items: USD 6.84
Shipping & Handling: USD 37.15

Two Magazines (same pub)
Items: USD 13.68
Shipping & Handling: USD 40.86

In both cases, I used I Love Mama as a reference. That's what I planned to buy (09/10 and 10/10).

J-list carries multiple gyaru mags priced between $8.50 and $12 with shipping at $9.60*
J-list also has subscriptions. Using Egg as an example (since it's the cheapest at a one buy rate of $8.50):
Monthly revolving subscription: $7/mo 
Annual (pre-paid) subscription: $130/yr

So hopefully J-list agrees to carry these additional magazines. I will let you all know what the decision is as soon as they get back to me. I hope they say yes because (for 1 mag) the Amazon shipping alone is about double the price of ordering from J-list.

* 9.60 is for Airmail (7-10 days). 
There are other options both cheaper and more expensive, but the fastest is:
EMS (Asia/North America)   -   $17.00
Fastest shipping available, approx. 4 business day delivery time. Packages can be tracked online, and insurance up to US$200 is included in the shipping price


  1. How do you request Magazines at Jlist? I want to help too! Maybe you can get an affiliate link in the end with them if things go well.

    Oh and P.S. Update your code, we have a new member.

  2. Yay! Thanks being a champion for the jmag cause! Let me know if I can help us all by emailing them as well. :)

  3. Hey ladies!

    I just sent submitted a trouble ticket via the site and plead my case. I let them know I'd mention it on my blog and that once other gals saw the savings I'd be sure they would rave about it as well, spreading the word because we all like to shop. Scans are nice, but nothing beats the physical magazines IMHO.

    PLEASE send a request as well if you have time. Here is the link for the magazine department:

  4. I need to stop replying at night.

    I meant to include that Dennis got back to me and said he was talking it over with the person in charge of ordering magazines. He also asked how much Amazon charged for shipping so I gave him those numbers straight from my cart.

    @Chaudie - updating Lovely code now



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