Saturday, September 4, 2010


...was awesome.

I woke up in a good mood. Xavier and Erik were watching cartoons while I slept. This meant I woke up to cuddles. Yup. CUDDLES.

Belly dancing was great today. We were in high-gear. Lots of fast formations and spins. We had to work on adding to the choreography for our performance. I practiced in my new skirt!!! Ohhhhh my god. I love it. It spins so nicely. It spins even better than my plain black cotton one. I think the embroidered band at makes the spinning extra twirly.

After dancing we had nomtastic bento noms at Aya. Yum! And blah blah blah. I came home to my boy bears and got lots of happy. Now I'm working on my new photography site. I've been lazy. I bought the domain like two months ago. Shows you where my head is. I've been posting here when I should have been coding. Anyway, here are some shots from my most recent photo shoot.
EDIT : Hey new readers! I'm the photographer, not the model. But I'll pass on the compliments! ^_^


  1. Whoa girlie!!! You look fantastic in this photo shoot!!
    LOVE LOVE the top and boots!!

  2. Thanks for your great comments on my are tooo sweet!! The heart pendant necklace is from Forever 21...:)Isnt is too cute?

  3. i love the top and outfit it looks fierce :3



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