Monday, September 20, 2010

Chibi Kuma

This Halloween, Small Bear is gonna be a small dinosaur. We tried the costume on already and it's a little too long but not terribly so. I might just stitch buttons ans straps inside to shorten the sleeves and legs. Then all will be well.

My gal reason for posting this is that I love kigarumi. I wish I was shorter sometimes because then they would fit me better. I tried on my friend's Stitch kigarumi once and it fit, but I wish it was longer. I'm seriously tempted to make my own for Halloween because I have no shame. I've been the sexy nurse, sexy witch, sexy kitty, and other options available for women. I'm thinking I'll just be silly this year and call it a day. Either that or I'll wear my tribal belly dancing gear. We shall see. Either way, I think I'll make a small kigarumi to fit my Wonder Woman doll as a tester for figuring out the best way to stitch it. I'm not so good with pants. Inseams and seats are rough.

I love Halloween!


  1. How adorable!! You wouldnt want to see my closet, lol....Its a HUGE walkin....and my necklaces hang on several tie hangers, works:)

    Have a Fantastic Day!!!
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  2. I double posted so here is a comment from the dupe:
    Calia Yang said...
    OMG!!! what a cutie pie!!! so adorable!! I just wanna hug him to bits!!

    and kigarumi's are super cute!
    September 20, 2010 6:33 PM

  3. And thanks to you all. I like him. He's full of win.

    @ Collette - I used to have a walk-in and now I have one that has all this built in organizey stuff and it's just not the same.

  4. man!! I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me!! LOL so glad you posted my comment here cause I was like hmmmm...where's my comment? i SWEAR i commented on Chibi Kuma-chan!!! LOL

    DUDE!! we have ALOT in common!!!! i love rpg's!! I'm waiting for FFXIV to come out!! LOL love anime/mangas!!! kyahahah I'm a sucker for anything japanese! LOL i also took japanese in high school for 3 years...but that was ages ago and I only understand a tad bit. there was only 1 japanese teacher so it was very hands off in the 3rd year. i didn't learn much that 3rd year.

    Belly dancer? NICE!! I've been wanting to take belly dancing classes - but i'm just way too stiff!! LOL

    Good luck!

  5. WHOA!! 3 comments on 1 post!! LOL I'm not stalking you I promise!!!
    just stopping by to tell you I awarded you on my blog:

  6. ps I just realized your clock on the left sidebard and the question asks what time is it now? LOL I can't believe I still know how to read a bit of Japanese!! LOL YAY ME!! *surprised*

  7. HaHa no worries on the multiple comments. It's all fun times. Thanks for the blog awards! I will do my post later on today ^_^

    And I LOVE the Gyaru Tokei so much. When I saw it on other blogs I just HAD to get it. I'm not taking a course this semester so I'm studying Japanese again when I have a time to spare. It's still fun!



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