Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Well, Well, Well...

Fabic set up and pinned for sewing.
Guess who's pulling out the sewing machine tonight? ME.
I got this fun fabric from SpoonFlower a while ago. It's a stretch knit so it's not perfect for a hobo bag, but I'm gonna make one anyway. And I'm gonna make an うさミミ (usamimi) to match. Why? Because I feeeeel like it. I will post images of the final products in due time.

I need to start sewing more. I have plenty of fabric so why not? I have this nice and light cotton gauze fabric. I need to buy a ruffler foot so I can make a short-but-not-too-short-and-skanky skirt. I can't buy mini skirts because they're always way obscene on me but just fine and dandy on a 5'4" chica. I'd like to not look like a woman of the night while pushing my baby bear in a stroller. No thank you. It's bad enough I have to buy "tall" pants with at least a 34" inseam (and 36" is preferred), else my ankles show when I don't want them to. Let's not have my panties showing, too.

Now I've gone off topic, but that's how I roll. I do have a plan for this blog. It will have reviews and rants and hair/make/fashion experiments. When I remember where the cord to my scanner is, I will be very happy to post scans of coordinates in the j-mags that I feel are fat girl friendly. I will try to replicate them and note any adjustments made as well as why. I will also be posting on some of my domestic things, a la I Love Mama. Hopefully, this will be as fun for others to read as it is for me to write.

In the meantime, Anyone reading this should head over to Blooomzy's blog for an awesome giveaway of kawaii stationary, lush lashes, hair masks and other goodies. Go try your luck!

Night night ^_^


  1. I seriously need to learn how to sew. I've been putting it off since forever.

  2. @Alee agreed. I have the sewing machine. But I can never find the patterns I want. Like how I want to make a pair of classic basketball short (like the old days) and some track pants. But can I find a pattern younger than the 80's? No... -.-

  3. Do you mean track pants like these:

    I often trace things I already own for basic shape and add details as I see fit. I haven't sewn anything major in a while though. It's been too hectic. Now that X is older, I'm more motivated.

  4. OMG I love the fabric! Looks good enough to eat! LOL



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