Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Exte Time

Today is the day! I'm going for some medium length, warm brown extensions today. I'll be leaving the house soon and returning a weaviful masterpiece. I loved having my microbraids but they were a beast to take out... It took like three days! I'm definitely not going there again. Nope.

I'm only going for sewn-in exte now. , I have love for the way the fusion method looks. I'd even wager pinch braiding or micro rings would be okay  for partial extensions, but I don't see those methods working for me. My real hair is between chin and shoulder length now because of the breakage from bleaching. Now all the relaxer is gone and all that is left is my super thick, 3/4 curly + 1/4 nappy head of hair. I would be paying more for lower quality if I were to go the route of fusion, micro rings, or punch braids. My hair within the exte would just be a poofy frizzball... eww x10.

So anyway, I'm excited. This should be fun times. I think I'll get is styled like this but with a side/angled bang. 

You know... I forgot to post this before, but here is a link to my tumblr photo-post of my typical daily make-up and brushes.

Okay! Time to get movin!



  1. looks good! All your make disapeared though >_<;;

  2. Is this comment meant for my other post? I think so because if it is I agree. It was hot and I splashed my face when I got in from the salon. I can't wait for fall!



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