Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Bit About Me

This blog is my outlet for all things gyaru. If you've stumbled upon this little chunk of the web by mistake (or simply at random), the term gyaru is the romanized form of the Japanese word for Gal... which is actually a loan word from English. Ah, linguistics. 

Anyway, I could go on about the whos, whats, and hows of gyaru style and culture, but there are plenty of other bloggers who've done it already and done it well.


Fifteen things about me

  • I am exactly 6ft tall.

  • I’m a wife and mother.

  • I am a pretty nifty photographer.

  • I love gyaru fashion more than any other form of street fashion.

  • My goal dress size is 10/12 because I REALLY don’t like when bones show.

  • I can read/write/speak Japanese on an elementary level, with random adult phrases thrown in. Improving vocabulary is an everyday process.

  • I absolutely LOVE The Backyardigans and can’t blame it on my son.

  • I’m pretty straight-forward and don’t take kindly to bullshit.

  • I’m an intermediate belly dancer with very little interest in performing. I just love to dance.

  • The only food I really care about are sushi (esp. maki) and ice cream.

  • I have huge boobs but God didn’t see fit to bless me with a sista booty and it pisses me off.

  • Cultural Anthropology is a HUGE love of mine, as is Egyptology.

  • I have numerous health and fitness apps on my iPhone and use them all. My faves are: MyNetDiary, 100PushUps, 200SitUps, and iMapMyFitness.

  • I love to learn new languages but need to pace myself.

  • I am a big True Blood fan and love Alexander Skarsgard (plays Eric) because even though he doesn’t have dark hair, he IS super tall. I swoon.
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