Thursday, July 22, 2010

Funny Fits

So I bought this dress at Dots for $4 cheaper than it costs at Forever 21. I'm just sayin... shop around, people. The top is from Torrid and it looks horrible on me. I'm honest with myself. It looks shit. It hugs my love-handles instead of my hips because it's not meant for tall people. It's meant for a short chunky girl, not a tall one.  

I'm not a big girl with an hour-glass figure. I wish I was but I'm not. I've got huge breasticles and straightish hips with little waist definition. I'm long everywhere- limbs, torso, face and nose. 

I love the ethnic/boho prints in skirts and dresses. I have a small collection. I also have tons of  earth-toned clothing, though at least 60% of my wardrobe is black or black based.

 Anyway, I wore this yesterday, not today. Today I'm in a black dress with a b&W blazer (not quite houndstooth) and black cutesy flats. I had a job interview. I'm really hopeful because there are HUGE benefits, including gym on location and an organic farmers' market as well as random guys selling purses and stuff on the street lol. 

Time for mommy business. Blog later!


  1. Breasticles? *DEAD*

    I actually like that top on you. I'm kind of digging the tribal print trend that's going on right now.

  2. Oh, I like the style!

  3. I find that empire and princess waist dresses give the illusion of a hour glass figure - they're the only kind of dresses I can wear without looking like a giant pear haha

  4. I think if you get a strapless body shaper, it can help give more definition and smooth you out.

  5. @Keiko - I have to wear dresses with an hourglass cut to get that effect. I have this black version of the white dress Marilyn Monroe was wearing in that famous photo where the skirt flies up. Anyway, I wish I could buy a hundred dresses like that in different prints!

    @Chaudie - I still swear by corsets. I have a nice collection but they're not all great for summer. I have this one-piece Italian shaper that goes from thighs to under the boobs, but it has straps. That thing is thin and powerful lol.



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