Monday, July 19, 2010

Red Lipstick Gal!

I'm so so so happy right now. My hubby and I took Xavier to the mall today to walk around for a few hours, have dinner, and walk some more. Of course we did a little shopping, but nothing major and no clothes for me-- just X. Our first stop was the MAC counter at Bloomy's.

In case you don't know, MAC has the Back to MAC program where you turn in 6 empty product containers and get a freebie. At the standalone stores, you can get a free lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow, and something else. At department store counter stops you can only get lipstick. This is fine. I was really eager to look for another nude (something closer to a true nude for an NW-45 gal such as myself)  or a new red (since they no longer make the Looks Like Sin Cremesheen lip gloss.

After trying a few different lipsticks-- including some peaches for some odd reason-- I settled on a red. It's a lustre lipstick called Spice it Up (pictured) and I think it looks great, as does my husband. I love that mode-kei is including red lip sometimes.  I think it's a win and am happy to know this lipstick isn't a limited edition color. I can't tell you how pissed I was when I found out MAC had the audacity to not keep Looks Like Sin around. I've bought like five tubes and eventually ran out of it. You can only rain-check the inevitable for so long, right?

 I bought some MAC Ornamental lip gloss, a while back but it is more of a gold-red.  I still haven't finished the tube. I realized I didn't love it then gave up and stuck with my go-to nude Viva Glam VI. I have been going with that for what feels like ages now. It's a mauve type of vibe and seems to be better for me than the oft-recommended Viva Glam V. I'm referring to the lipsticks of course. The lip glosses are too sparkly for my taste.

While at MAC, I decided to take some advice from a commenter and buy the Fluid Line gel liner in Black Track. OMG x 10. Finally a black-black for lining my lower lash line. I have this problem where the lower eyeliner never stands out. I've complained about it before. I even have failure with the MAC water proof pencil, despite recommendations from all over. I think that pencil is one of my most pointless make-up purchases, but you live and you learn. I've been using the Maybelline's Line Stiletto in black on my upper lash line since it first appeared in stores. It makes for a killer cat eye and lasts a really long time. Add the fact that it costs less than $10 and that's a WIN sandwich right there. I'll just use the MAC pencil for my waterline, but not for that dramatic black-around-the-whole-eye look. For that I'll use the gel liner.

In closing, I'd like to say that no matter how obsessive this post may sound, I am not a MAC addict. I can see how some people get there though. The foundation is a perfect match. Raisin is my perfect blush. Viva Glam VI is my best nude so far... but I may have a new one soon. That'll be a few posts from now. I love make-up!


  1. I think that red looks great on you! They say there's a shade of red for every skintone. I've yet to find mine, but I'm sure I will. Honestly too, a lot of the Gal styles I'm in to call for a nude lip or a pink at most. XD

    I consider M.A.C. an investment. I went in and got a sample of their Studio SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer and I love it, but you can bet I'm milking that sample till I have to buy it! A whole $27.99. @_@ I will buy it when I need it though! It's my 'foundation' essentially because I need light coverage.

  2. I have Spice it Up! I remember when I first got it, the older coworkers of mine were like SHOCKED that I'd wear such a color to work. I paired it with minimal shadow... white'ish shadow & black liner. I love Spice it up! It does look great on you!



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