Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gyaru Mama!

This is me (duh) and my baby bear Xavier. This was taken about a month ago, but I like it. He's pretty cool. I recently taught him how to do the victorious laugh. It's cuter when he does it.

Right now he's in the kitchen taking toys out of my lazy Susan. He hides toys all over the kitchen in random drawers we haven't child-proofed. I think he doesn't want us old people playing with his toys. And now he's eating my iPhone. ^_^

So anyway. I find myself having the time to do my make-up every day, but not to really curl my hair. I often wear a scarf and a high ponytail (like in the photo). Lately I'm doing a lot of braid/pony combos. It's typically 90+ degrees here so wearing my hair down gets pretty hot. A gal's gotta adapt to her surroundings. These bangs are fun, but hot. Sometimes I braid them to the side/behind my ear and leave the rest of my hair loose. This helps a lot! It also looks cute and hippi-kei. I love that look. In the meantime, I need to find all my pretty scarves (from my mum-in-law) and start utilizing them. I am also going to add some silver multi-chain necklaces to my arsenal. All my necklaces are earthy. I love that, but I love having options more. Time to sell some textbooks. That ought to make shopping a lot easier.


  1. He's adorable!

    But always stock up on your accessories. They always make or break an outfit.

  2. I know what you mean. I have TONS of accessories. I don't wear them in the house-- unless going out-- since X likes to grab, pull, and break them. It's annoying but I love him.

  3. awe, he is soo cute, I hope to have a son someday : D

    I followed back,Thank you for you sweet comment.



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