Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Soooo Yeah.

My nails are definitely too short to be considered "gyaru neiru" but I'm gonna go ahead and say, "So What?!" a la Tyra Banks. I'm typing almost non-stop for 8hrs per day and I've decided my old long nail look had to go. So I'm all about short gel manicures. This particular set is SUPER sparkly. I'll have to use my real camera to do it justice.

Since I still have all my nail art and Konad supplies, I'll have to add my own flair to this nail set. I like the idea of adding some star-shaped rhinestones and pearls to it. I just have to squeeze it in before midnight. (That's my new bedtime lol. No more Insomnia Avy) I think the next step is to invest in a UV dryer and some gel polish. The investment is worth it. I get to change my nails as often as I like without budget-busting. I'm sure it's the smarter option. Plus: New Skill!!! Because believe me when I say I suck at shaping acrylic-- even for just a refill. Time to look around Amazon and eBay.

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