Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Money Disappears Quickly

So my little $5k of Wheel of Fortune money is all used up for grown up schiesse. Seriously. I bought a new laptop for myself because my eyesight is getting bad from using my iPhone, Aria and netbook. When it comes to screens, BIGGER is certainly better. I bought my husband a Bluetooth receiver/speaker thingy for his car so he doesn't get ticketed for cell phone use whilst driving. I also got him a grill set since he loves too cook our dinner on the grill almost every night. Side note: Veggie burgers taste best via grill, as does corn. I bought our mothers really pretty mama's day keepsake photo boxes filled with chocolate goodies. I got our son a ridiculous abundance of pull-ups, veggie squeezers, yogurt bites, summer clothes, surf clothes, and something else I can't remember.

I ordered this 36 watt UV lamp via Amazon.
Lastly, after much thought, I bought myself a UV gel dryer and basic supplies & colours so I won't have to go to the salon ever again. Bonus: friends want to pay me to do their nails already and this just solidifies things. I'm all about saving money.

After these purchases, the remaining money goes to nothing but bills and home-improvement. Our trees really need to be pruned, chopped and generally cared for so we have to hire someone. There are some small electrical projects we have to hire out as well. We will have to wait on upgrading the kitchen appliances, but that's not a huge deal.
I will say this: I wish I won $50k,  but $5k is better than nothing!

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