Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mein Körper ist Wütend

Oh so get this: now that I log every single thing I eat and exercise even more, my body is rebelling. It's like, "Bitch you're fat., Stop tryin to overwork me like you're still Xena-sized." Srsly?! I actually gained weight. My friend Igor thinks it's because I am gaining more muscle weight and not burning enough fat. That could be true since I do more weight & resistance training (Planet Fitness and Bowflex).

I suppose the suppose now would be to do 30min of hard cardio every day-- except Tuesday and Saturday, which are belly dancing days. Sunday shall be sleepy day. It is written! I'll still weights (Mon., Wed., Friday), but I'll have to con David into going to the gym with me as my guest on those days instead of bowflexing.

A plan. I has one. Woo hoo.

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