Saturday, May 7, 2011

Domestic Goddess?

In other news, My garden is awesome and I love all the spring colors in our yard and lawn. These are some pretties along the driveway by the garage. I'd love to take credit for them, but this is the work of Ms. Marie Serpico. May she rest in peace, surrounded by flowers. The woman knew how to work a garden. We've got rhododendron, forsythia, tulips, hostas, lily of the valley, and a bunch of stuff I can't name. There are quite a few plants and flowers that I didn't have to plant. For that I thank her. 

On the other hand, Mothers' Day is Sunday and I'll be planting some things to bloom in late summer and autumn. Unfortunately the veggies will have to wait, as will my lavender and sage garden. We have to rip out an assload of ivy. That's one thing I could kick her for. It'll take over the yard if we don't do something soon. ~_~ That would suck.

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