Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Push-up Power

Guys and gals, it's time to do your push-ups. It's one thing to be healthy, but one must also be fit. My problem is that I'm healthy and fat. I want to turn my fathleticism into just straight up athleticism. The easiest methods are walking/jogging and push-ups. They're awesome.

Why are push-ups so awesome, Avy?

I'm glad you asked! Well first off, they're great for your boobs! Okay, so that's not the first reason. Obviously they're awesome because they work you triceps and biceps. They also work your shoulders (teres major + minor AND deltoids), scapular + rotator-cuff muscles (supports shoulder muscles)...  and your boob muscles (a.k.a. pectoralis major). To a certain extent, push-ups are even good for your abdominal muscles. They're not going to give you a flat tummy, but the boost in metabolism will burn more fat in general.

I like push-ups because they're perfect for combinations. Sometimes I do 10 push-ups, then stay in the up position so I can do those thingies where you bring your knee to your chest, then extend your leg back so that it's straight. I'll do that exercise 10 times on each leg, then rest for 60 seconds and repeat the whole sequence.  Sometimes I alternate the leg extension kick back thingy with fire hydrants. I'm kinda obsessed with getting a bubble butt. It's never gonna happen, but I'm like The Little Engine That Could.

So all you fashionistas need to make push-ups part of your daily life. Even if you can only do the modified on-your-knees version, or even standing and pressing against a wall, get them done. If you're skinny fat and can only do 5, try to do six. Practice makes perfect. It's not just about going sleeveless in summer. Strength is something everyone should have. Everyone should at minimum - be able to push/pull their own body weight with little effort. It could even be a matter of life or death. So do your push-ups!

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