Friday, February 10, 2012

I have the flu. This is some BS to put it simply. I'm not okay with it. Shivering, sweating, nose ouches and dry, tight throats are all a way of life for me. Oh and the headaches. Whoa doggy. So between the doses of different cold medicines (which never really work when you have the flu), these are the things that help me deal with the fact that I can't eat, sleep, or sometimes breathe.

1. Ugly Betty on Netflix

2. Working on my family tree via

3. World of Warcraft (don't judge me!)

4. Hot, hot, hot showers.

5. Be inspired by J-mag scans

6. Practice new languages for free with BYKI 

7. Watch at least one old (or really old) movie you've never seen. I chose "Dance With Me."

8. For the love of maki, read something!

9. Text your friends and family so they'll know you're alive.

10. Wash your nasty, germ-covered laundry (especially bedding) in HOT water, with a teaspoon of bleach. Having the flu sucks, so why get it again if you can help it.

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