Friday, February 24, 2012

Smile for Stickies

Whenever I feel a little down in the dumps, I try to see how retail therapy can work. I used to work out of 3 offices for one company. I had my own office at one location, a shared office at another, and a cubicle at the administrative building. Well now I'm down to just the cubicle. I'm not sad about this. It's much closer to home (20min) and in a better neighborhood convenience-wise. It works out much better.

Unfortunately, now I can't shut my door because I don't have one. This means I hear about things like Survivor, American Idol, and Mob Wives. I care not for these things. Also, there are some people around here who will use your supplies and walk off with them. This is why I lock my drawers.Do you know how pissed I'd be if my cute supplies -- all bought with my own cash-- were to disappear? So yeah. I lock it up; and this latest beauty will never be left on my desk without me being present.
Front cover

I got these awesomely cute tokidoki sticky notes from Amazon for like $8 (free shipping with Prime). I'm a total stationery slut. I love office supplies in general. These are cute, but they suck at being sticky. Anyway, looky looky:

Inside left cover

Inside right = different sized stickies ^_^

Back cover

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