Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Case of the $5 Primer

So I've been sick for what feels like ages. Last Monday, I finally went to the doctor because I got conjunctivitis from my sinus infection spreading to my eye. After spending another $60 on prescriptions and nose tissue, I stopped by the make-up aisle. There I came across a display or the Essence of Beauty "Portables" line. I believe EOB is CVS's house brand of make-up and beauty supplies. Anyway, I needed a new face primer so I bought this for $5. It's actually pretty good. It went on like liquid silk. The finish was smooth. When I put on my foundation (MAC StudioFix powder compact) I was thrilled. I used a brush to apply as usual and the coverage was better than I expected. I also ended up using less. So yeah. I'm pleased with this product. Also, the Essence of Beauty line has never let me down.

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