Monday, July 11, 2011

New Bags are LOVE

I got a nifty new purse from Lane Bryant and this is what it looks like from the front. It's deceptively roomy inside. This thing holds a LOT of action. I've used it as a:

  • purse
  • gym bag
  • diaper bag
  • shopping bag

I'll probably wear it out if I keep all that up, but I like versatility. I think I won't push it by using it for shopping anymore. The bag is sturdy and straps will support the weight of being over-stuffed. I just don't wanna risk it.

The one thing I hated but am okay with now is the fact that the bag is brown. It's a really dark brown that's almost black. I'm the type of purse-buyer who wants clearly defined colors. If it's brown, make it blatantly brown. Don't make me have to hold it up to the light or next to something black.

On the plus side, it's not overly flashy and looks great with most styles of clothing. Now I want one in black and red. Too bad those models don't exist!

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