Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quick Step to Mamaland

While my husband was off being Mr. Music Man, my son and I had an awesome time playing with puzzles, singing songs about dinosaurs, and being generally nifty. I call this photo かわいい (Ai Kawaii) because, well... duh.  My baby bear is super nifty. I think as much as I miss having extra cash to buy random big ticket items, I don't mind spending it on him. He gets on my effin nerves sometimes. Seriously. He can act like a little arse when he doesn't want to do something. But I love him. I just have to train him to not be that way. I have to get my "mom voice" and scare him into behaving. Luckily he's usually a very good boy. He's smart, charming, and playful. And he make my shitty days 10x10 times better.

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